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KidScape Productions

Virtual Improv

Ages 6-17 Wednesdays starting September 2nd 4-5pm Pacific Time

Pay What You Can

Pay What You Can

Thank you for your interest in our Virtual Improvisation classes, and we are excited to have your kid/teen join us. Classes run every Wednesday from 4:00 pm-5:00 pm PDT (California/ USA time zone).  Students may join every class or pick and choose dates that work for their schedule.

During this unique time of physical distancing, KidScape Productions is offering “pay-what-you-can” and ask that you look into your situation to see what you can offer to help us keep the process going.

KidScape Productions is a small, family-owned business in Reno, Nevada, and we are NOT a non-profit or receiving government funds.  Hourly classes typically run $15, yet an offer of $15, $10, $5 or even $3 will help keep our wheels turning and money in our instructor’s pockets for their necessities.

KidScape Productions understands that as this situation continues, many are experiencing financial burdens. Yet, we feel if we all stick together, we can continue to learn and grow as a community.

Virtual Improvisation workshops are  run by certified KidScape Productions and designed to increase neural pathways in the social brain and increase confidence in communication through:

  • Full body movement
  • Laughter
  • Making new friends and connecting with current friends
  • Social-emotional learning and emotional intelligence
  • Building skills in attention, memory, spontaneity, flexibility, verbal, and nonverbal communication
  • A safe, online environment focused on building healthy brains and communication
    • Find out more about us:


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