KidScape Productions

Virtual D&D

Ages 10-17

Thursdays starting March 11th

4-6:30pm Pacific Time

Cost: $119 for 6 weeks

You must sign up for the entire 6 week session. 

Dates: March 11th to April 22nd (Skip March 25)

4 student minimum with a 12 student max.

Cost is $119 for the session.

Tabletop roleplaying games use improvisation and a set of rules to create epic stories through a group of players and their game master. All the same skills in KidScape’s curriculum are reinforced throughout the fantastical adventures and grand narratives weaved in the game.

Virtual D&D workshops are  run by certified KidScape Productions and designed to increase neural pathways in the social brain and increase confidence in communication through:

  • Full body movement
  • Laughter
  • Making new friends and connecting with current friends
  • Social-emotional learning and emotional intelligence
  • Building skills in attention, memory, spontaneity, flexibility, verbal, and nonverbal communication
  • A safe, online environment focused on building healthy brains and communication
Students will need:
-notebook and pen/pencil 
-free account on to make an online character
-online dice roller (easiest to find:
-decent audio, far more important than video quality
  • Separate names with a comma
  • Separate ages with a comma
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  • Separate district names with a comma
  • Price: $119.00
  • $0.00
  • Example : Learning strengths and challenges
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