About KidScape Productions

KidScape Productions is a professional acting program for ages 3 and up; some of our opportunities include: Improvisation, Scene Study, Performances, On Camera Workshops and Events. Students are learning from a curriculum created at Juilliard in NYC and Yale School of Drama in CT. They strengthen important skills such as Self Esteem, Self Confidence and Presentation Skills. To see current classes, please click here. To bring KidScape to your school or organization click here. If you have any further questions feel free to call us at (775) 313-3900 or email [email protected] People who are confident and articulate are better equipped to develop successful relationships throughout their life. KidScape Productions teaches students to develop these skills and equip them to make the most of the process. Happiness equals success. Success in school, success in family, success in business and success in personal relationships. It all starts here! KidScape Productions uses speech, movement, improvisation, character and plot development as well as various other dramatic techniques to teach students acting, communication, verbal and social skills, while instilling in them a love and understanding of the elements of drama.

KidScape Productions is created to allow students to succeed at all levels, our curriculum allows students to take risks by providing opportunities to learn rather than to win or lose. There is no better way to enhance a student’s self-confidence than to allow them to do something they love and give them the tools to help them do it well. KidScape Productions differs from traditional theatre classes/programs because our focus is on THE EXPERIENCE OF THE PARTICIPANT rather then the preparation for a performance. Adventures into the world of acting give participants the opportunity to take control of their actions and develop necessary skills in a safe and stimulating environment. The positive effects of KidScape does not end with the students who attend our events, our continued focus on the community at large provides many opportunities for anyone who wants to be involved in our program! Local community organizations, schools, fund raisers and city programs are welcome to utilize our database and adjust our outline to meet their specific needs. Ongoing participation in KidScape’s workshops/events help build confident, articulate people while creating a sense of belonging in the community. Above all, KidScape Productions workshops are fast paced and fun! Adults love it because it instills necessary skills to succeed in today’s world; participants love it because it’s JUST PLAIN FUN! Remember, we specialize in customizing programs to fit the needs of your school or organization. For more information call (775) 313-3900.

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