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Starting Wednesday September 2nd
4pm to 5pm Pacific (PDT)

As our kids and teens around the world are dealing with social distancing and quarantine, KidScape Productions is offering a series of *pay what you can* online social connection classes via Zoom for 1st through 12th grade. We are hoping to bring together a community of kids and teens from all parts of the world to connect, learn, laugh, and grow.


Starting Thursday March 11th
4pm to 6:30pm Pacific (PST)

Tabletop roleplaying games use improvisation and a set of rules to create epic stories through a group of players and their game master. All the same skills in KidScape’s curriculum are reinforced throughout the fantastical adventures and grand narratives weaved in the game.

Dates: March 11th to April 22nd (Skip March 25)

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