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Starting Wednesday September 2nd
4pm to 5pm Pacific (PDT)

As our kids and teens around the world are dealing with social distancing and quarantine, KidScape Productions is offering a series of *pay what you can* online social connection classes via Zoom for 1st through 12th grade. We are hoping to bring together a community of kids and teens from all parts of the world to connect, learn, laugh, and grow.

These workshops are run by our certified KidScape Productions team. Online social connection classes are aimed at empowering kids and teens through a variety of activities that support:

  • Full body movement
  • Laughter
  • Making new friends and connecting with current friends
  • Social-emotional learning and emotional intelligence
  • Building skills in attention, memory, spontaneity, flexibility, verbal, and nonverbal communication
  • A safe, online environment focused on building healthy brains and communication

When you register, you’ll receive the login link and a directions on how to get started.

KidScape Productions’ camps, classes, and workshops draw from neuroscience and psychology. Lessons focus on social-emotional learning and executive functioning, as well as confidence in speaking, and presenting. To learn more about this approach visit our blog.

KidScape Productions is a global company and a family-owned and run business based in Reno/Tahoe. Meet our team.

Choose which time you’d like to join or chose them all.

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